What Causes The Craving For Specific Food And How To Win Desire

Craving for food or a lack of nutrients?  What causes a craving for food and how to win it, read here.

Craving for food or a lack of nutrients?

You had a delicious lunch just two hours ago. Now all you’re thinking of is creamy chocolate hidden in the top kitchen element? Five minutes successfully resist the temptation. You can not stop thinking to taste at least one small piece of chocolate.

Your world is slowing down and the thought that chocolate will help you grow stronger. With the justification that you now need chocolate for energy shortages, you have no choice and you give up.

You are trying to nourish healthy, but still, you are powerless in such situations? Do not worry, you’re not alone.

Most people have the need or desire for specific food, even when they are not hungry. 

The good news is that in most cases craving for food stems from simple physiological or psychological causes. Therefore that can be controlled by the intake of the necessary nutrient organism.

It is very important to have healthy food at your fingertips. In a crisis, moments will be a great substitute for the unhealthy.

Connection between craving for specific foods and lack of nutrition

Craving for food and Chocolates

If you want chocolate, there is a chance that your body will lack magnesium, essential fatty acids, and chromium.

During stress, the body has decreased levels of magnesium, chromium, vitamin B, and essential fatty acids.

That is why, when we are exposed to stress, we make for the chocolate to compensate for the lack of these nutrients.

But that is not all – chocolate increases serotonin levels in the blood. Since the serotonin hormone is lucky, the desire for chocolate can also be in connections with emotional needs.

you should consume hot chocolate made from raw cocoa, nuts, and seeds. Then legumes, green leafy vegetables and other foods rich in magnesium and essential fatty acids.

An excellent solution is to socialize with loved ones and friends.  Or engage in any activity that will raise the level of serotonin and contribute to a good mood.


Carbohydrates: bread, pasta, rolls

Are you thinking about pasta, cakes, bread, crackers, and biscuits? Do you like carbohydrates? What the body tells you

This can be an indicator of insulin resistance, hypoglycemia, chromium deficiency or chronic fatigue.  Hypoglycemia is rapid drop in blood sugar levels.

Most likely, you need additional chromium intake and the level of sugar in your body. You should eat bananas, apples, apricots, spinach, cabbage, avocado, broccoli, celery, carrot, and breadcrumbs.

For better sugar control, include more fiber in your diet.

To overcome the desire for carbohydrates, consume as many vegetables as dark green, or rich in chromium and magnesium. Therefore, make sure you enter small amounts of protein with each meal (soy, legumes, dairy products).


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