Lot Of Scents In Keto One-Meal Stuffed Bread- the Indian way

Indian cuisine is very interesting. It abounds with spices and wonderful scents. I already wrote about their famous Naan bread. This is a little different. This is bread as a meal and it is on keto way. Therefore you should try this Keto Indian stuffed bread. You will be delighted. It is low-carb, gluten-free, sugar-free one meal bread.

Way of preparation – medium

Prep time

  • Total time – 30 minutes

Yields – 4 servings ( 1 serving/1 bread)

Keto Indian Stuffed Bread From The Pan (Pan Fried Paranthas) – Recipe



  • 2 1/2 cup almond flour
  • about 1/3 cup of water
  • 2 tablespoons Psyllium husk
  • 1 spoon of salt


  • 2 cups grated cauliflower flower
  • 1 tablespoon parsley
  • 3 oz cheese
  • spices: curry, ginger, pepper

Butter for frying


You do not need to add salt to the filling because the cheese is already salty. That is your choice. You do not need to cook the cauliflower just crush it fresh in a chopper or blender. But do not make a paste, but get crumbs.

Instructions how to make Keto Indian Stuffed Bread From The Pan

  • Knead the dough just from the flour, salt, Psyllium, and water. It should not be sticky, but it should be soft.
  • Roll it into the roll and split it into 8 parts to get 4 Parange, or buns

Stuffed bread- dough

  • Make balls, and then they rolled with a rolling pin as thin as possible. It’s important to be the same size.
  • Fill them with the filling
  • Cover each one with another part of the dough and tighten the edges.

Cover each one with another part

  • Heat a frying pan
  • Put the bread to bake
  • When one side is over, turn the bread, put a butter on it, then turn them several times until they become brown
  • Before serving, you can cut them in half. They look more beautiful, they are easier to eat. Serve them with whatever comes to your mind.
  • Serve and enjoy

Nutritional Information (amount per serving)

  • Calories – 164 kcal
  • Proteins – 7.25g
  • Carbs – 6.25 g (Fiber 4 g)
  • Fat – 12 g

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