Kim Kardashian- The Ambassador of Atkins’ 40 Diet

Kim Kardashian is an old supporter of Atkins 40 diet, which she has already used several times to lose weight. Recently, the Atkins diet again took an important place in her life, because after the last delivery she gained about 55 pounds.

Breastfeeding and Atkins 40 diet

Although she was breastfed, she says she chose Atkins’ diet because she is safe and allows her to gradually lose her extra pounds. As this diet in her case had previously yielded results, her rules are not new to her. Food that is high protein and contains a lot of meat, fish, and eggs, but also inevitably vegetables, some fruits, cheese and yogurt, nuts and olive oil.

To all the moms that feed their babies, Kim recommends the Atkins 40 diet. This diet is suitable for new moms, who need stronger food and a certain number of calories and a gradual weight loss of no consequence. Because fast weight loss certainly results in consequences in this period and can affect to the mother’s milk.

Kardashian followed the Atkins 40, a variation of the Atkins diet that includes 40 grams of carbohydrates per day.

Atkins 40 diet – The basic plan involves three food groups:

  • Protein

People on the Atkins 40 diet eat three to four 6-ounce servings of protein per day. This keeps you full and preserves your lean muscle

  • Fiber-rich carbohydrates 

These include vegetables, nuts, and low-glycemic fruits like berries, cherries, and melons. You can also partially fulfill this requirement with whole grains like brown rice. You’ll want about six to eight servings of vegetables and three to five servings of other carbohydrates per day.

  • Healthy fats

The best kind of fats to eat are unsaturated fats, like the kind in nuts and avocados. But some saturated fats are fine, too, since you’re burning them for fuel. Just aim to avoid manufactured hydrogenated oils and deep-fried foods. On top of the fat you get from protein, you should aim for three servings of fat per day.

This is Kim Kardashian’s suggestion for the Atkins 40 diet


  • ½ cup oat flakes, ¼ cup strawberries, ¼ cup walnut


  • ½ cup chopped red peppers, 5 cherry tomatoes, 2 tablespoons of Italian salad dressing


  • 2 glasses of chopped lettuce, 2 teaspoons of salad for Caesar salad,


  • ½ peaches, ½ cup cottage cheese


  • 150-200g grilled chicken, ½ cup of chopped asparagus, 1 medium tomato, 50g mozzarella, a little basil, a spoon of olive oil, a spoon of balsamic sauce.

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