An Easy Exercise that Strengthens The Bones & Eliminates Back Pain

This is one easy exercise that strengthens the bones and eliminates back pain: It does not require any effort! It’s so light that you can run it at + 35 degrees. Can it work and people in old age. It is foot training.

If you are too hot or you do not have the will for a serious training, it does not mean that you should leave your body and health. For this exercise, you do not need the special equipment or space. You already have everything that you need. These are your feet. Foot training will help you to have strong bones and eliminate back pain.

Foot training can relieve back pain, strengthen bones, and strengthen your balance and movement control


  • Get on your fingers
  • Keep yourself in this position for at least 5 seconds
  • Get down on your foot
  • In the beginning, do the exercise on a flat surface, bare feet
  • When your feet strengthen, you can exercise on a sloppy surface
  • On a sloping surface, the lifting from the floor is harder

After just one week you will see the results. Your legs will be strengthened, you will have better body hold. You will not feel the back pain.

You can do this exercise whenever you want.

Foot training-Exercise is suitable for old people, people with heart issues because you do not need any effort to do it.


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