Is It Really Possible to Lose Weight While You Are Sleeping?

Sleeping in a ventilated, cool room, it can help you sleep better. But also that they accelerate metabolism and therefore you can lose weight.

Scientists have discovered that slightly lower the room temperature, in the bedroom stimulates the growth of so-called brown fat. This fat types of fat-burning energy in the body.  This speeds up the metabolism and helps you lose weight.

“Until this study, it was not known whether it is possible to manipulate the brown fat,” said endocrinologist and co-author Dr. Paul Li.

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During the study, which lasted four months, five healthy men did not change their diet or any other habits. They were sleeping in the laboratory. Where the room temperature is controlled by the height of the room temperature. During the first month, the room temperature was 24 degrees Celsius. And that is a thermo-neutral temperature at which the body does not have to work in order to generate or lose heat.

Thereafter, the temperature is lower to 19 degrees Celsius in the second month. Then the third month increased again to 24 degrees Celsius, and 27 degrees at the last, the fourth month of implementation of the study.

Scientists have discovered that is really possible to lose weight while sleeping.

“During the ‘cold’ months, the amount of brown fat is increasing from 30 to 40 percent,” said Dr. Li. “In months, when the temperature of the thermo-neutral (24 degrees Celsius), the amount of brown fat will reduce. When the temperature is 27 degrees Celsius, the level of these fats falls below average,” he explained.

Experts say that people who participated in the study were completely healthy. To their metabolism speeds up sleeping only in the cooler room.

They added that the high temperature in the bedroom is not an absolute culprit for excess weight. But only in addition to unhealthy diet and physical inactivity contributes to people with excess body weight.


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