Low-Carb Pizza Recipe

For lunch – pizza!!!

Can! Under one condition! To prepare a pizza without flour, from the cauliflower. Prepare it with low-carbs.

Do I long for a pizza at lunchtime? There is a solution! Try cauliflower pizza, which is made without flour. The cauliflower pizza has low carbs.

The glycemic index cauliflower is low. Therefore, that means the natural sugars are released slowly and do not cause spikes in blood glucose. Therefore, cauliflower is rich in fiber, which prolonging the feeling of satiety, and improves digestion. Cauliflower contains phytonutrients. Since, that are good for detoxification of the body – the antioxidants, the best allies in the fight against free radicals. It is not expensive and is easy to prepare.

Instructions how to make a low-carb pizza

It is very easy to make a pizza with low- carbs. At first of all, in blender chop half of the larger cauliflower, to obtain the granule size of rice. Since you warm the water to the boil, put in it and blanch cauliflower, chopped into boiling water (2-3 minutes). Wrap tightly in cheesecloth and strain the water. Thus filtered cauliflower confused with 2 egg whites, add salt, oregano-spices to taste. In a baking dish place the baking paper. Therefore pour the mixture of cauliflower and egg whites.

Note 1.:

The dough should not be thin. Because if a thin dough quickly burns out.

Therefore, cauliflower mixture (batter), spray with oil of grape seed and bake 10 minutes at 200 degrees.

Finally, on the pizza, rack up tomatoes and add-ons that you love, can boiled chicken, oregano, zucchini … The combinations are numerous and depend on your taste. Select the one you love the most. Select the allowed food. Baking 5 minutes more and serve a low- carbs pizza.


Note 2.:

Cauliflower calories per 100 grams

Energy 25 calories, 1%
As a result, in recent years, the cauliflower, and other vegetables from the “cabbage family” increasingly recommended and used as a healthy food. Because of its energy, nutritional and medicinal value, very beneficial effect against diseases that occur due to the modern lifestyle and diet.
Since the cauliflower varieties obtained from the cross and is derived from a cabbage – due to the beneficial ingredients are known as “educated cabbage”.


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