Homemade Anti-Cellulite Treatment!

Cellulite is solvable. Therefore, now is time to come up with a strategy. Because you have time to attack cellulite from all sides.

Caffeine pilings

At first of all, boil strong black coffee. Pour cold coffee and keep the grout. Therefore, coffee grounds add a few drops of cold pressed olive oil (to get a thick mixture). Then stir the mixture and rub the parts of the body where you have cellulite. Wrap kitchen foil or some old bags and put on a thick tracksuit. Finally, after 15 minutes, take a shower with warm water.

Fango mud  therapy masks

First of all, get flange mud and mix it with thermal water to get a creamy texture. With a wooden spatula, apply a mixture in a thick layer on an even body- from the feet to the shoulders, critical parts. Therefore, wrap the cellophane wrap and put on something warm. Then wait half an hour. Finally, after 45 minutes, take a shower and hot water.  Take off the mixture with the peeling glove.

Massage oils

After 15 minutes of massage critical body parts mixture of oils.

A mixture of oil: 200 ml almond oil, 20 drops of essential oil of lemon and grapefruit, 15 drops of rosemary essential oil.

Apply a mixture of oil on critical parts of the body. Rub the whole body, from the feet to the shoulders. The root of the palm skips over the leg of the links to the groin as if you want to compensate.  Every day you are doing this, for a long time.

Anti-cellulite preparations

Roll out half the apples in a blender, cucumber, carrots and quarter two heads of fresh cabbage. The resulting juice mix, mix with the juice of one lemon. Then time rub body parts with cellulite. Finally, every night, repeat the procedure.

Pineapple balms

Pineapple encourages discharge of liquid and is good in the fight against cellulite. Mash four slices of pineapple and mix it with a spoon of olive oil. Stir the mixture becomes compact. Apply the mixture on the parts affected by cellulite. Therefore, hold for about 15 minutes to half an hour. Rinse off. Just one treatment per week is enough.

Whooping shots

Anti-cellulite exercises are very important. First of all, you must kneel on the floor. Then rely on your knees and elbows. Left leg attack chest is throwing you back.  30 repetitions per leg.


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