Chrono lunch- low carbs- catfish stew !

Chrono lunch- catfish stew. Tasty and dietary lunch no – carbs.

Catfish stew

Ingredients for 4 peoples

500 grams of catfish fillets, 2 onions, 1/2 leek waist, price 2 garlic, 1/2 kohlrabi, 4 ounces of tomato juice, 1 liter of vegetable soup, 2 bay leaves, 1 teaspoon fresh ground pepper, 1 tsp ground chili peppers, 2 tablespoons oil from the seeds of grapes, 2 sprigs celery leaves.

Difficulty – medium

Preparation FOR Catfish stew – 30 minutes

Baking – 30 minutes

Catfish stew- preparation:

Chop onions and leeks.  Peel the kohlrabi. Cut into big chunks.

Fry onion in oil. Add leeks and kohlrabi. Fry that 2 minutes and mixing.

Add water a little while vegetables become softer. When the vegetables are tender, mix it with a little liquid.

Cashew obtained from vegetable returned to the pot. In this pour a mixture of tomato juice and vegetable soup. Cook until it starts boiling.

Add bay leaf, sweet and hot peppers, and catfish fillets (large cut). Add spices to taste. Cook all together for 20 minutes. If the stew is thick, add a little water.

Pleasant lunch 

Note :

Fish is an important foodstuff. Because it is Easy to digest. Because it is rich with proteins of high biological value, similar to meat. So you must use it often in the diet.
Calories per 100 gr of fish – catfish = 175 calorie

The basic ingredients are fish in water about 75%, 15-18% protein, 0.2 to 18% fat (salmon, herring and mackerel contain between 10% and 15% fat).
Most species of fish have less fat than meat. These fats and oils are composed mainly of unsaturated fatty acids, much higher than that of beef, pork and mutton. For example, the boiled tuna having 1% -2% of fat, and the fat consists of 63% unsaturated fatty acids. Dark orange salmon has more fat than a pale pink, and unsaturated fatty acids are represented even 68%. Because fat herring consists of 82% unsaturated fatty acids. Fat has at least a white fish, such as cod



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