Fed & Thin ! It Is Possible With The Help Of Proteins!

Protein has the power. How to avoid feeling hungry?

Protein power

Studies say, except that they degrade more slowly than carbohydrates. Proteins are a food which stimulates the secretion of hormones that creates a feeling of satiety. Because, to make the body function properly, you must enter a certain amount of protein. Almost all experts say around 0.9 grams or 1.1 grams per kilogram of body weight. To you felt full, include meat in your diet. What meat? The ref is red meat, turkey, chicken, fish.  Eggs are rich in as well. Rich is and legumes (beans, chickpeas, lentils).

Protein power! How to avoid feeling hungry? Choose low-glycemic food.

What did the experts say?

In a study conducted in 2011 in Australia, almost all scientists came to the following conclusion: People on a low protein diet enter as many as 12 percent more calories. Nibbling between a meal. Stretch for sweets. People on high protein diet produces better results.

One of the most important studies in the last decade IS Project Diogenes (Diet, Obesity, genetics) – shows the following. People whose diet is based on protein and low glycemic index foods have a better chance to hold the fattest of others.  People who are on high-protein food, have lost weight without any effort. Therefore, after 12 months, they still had the same weight. Therefore, this success of the diet is attributed to the feeling of satiety. Finally, the proteins create a feeling of satiety.

Choose low-Glycemic Index foods

The glycemic index represents the ranking of the foods that contain carbohydrates by the speed with which raise blood sugar levels, compared to pure glucose. Why is it important glycemic index? Here’s why. Because the body must strive to build carbohydrates low glycemic index. Therefore, a result is that blood sugar rises steadily, which provides a constant source of energy and prolongs the feeling of satiety. Expert advises: Combine food. How to combine? With the right foods that contain a low glycemic index.