Sardines and lemon juice – lunch with low-carb

Sardine and lemon juice- To prepare this dish for 4 people

You need:
1 kg sardine, 2 lemons, tomatoes 4, 100 milliliters of permitted oil, 1 bunch parsley, 5 cloves garlic, 200 milliliters of vegetable soup, spices, pepper, salt.

How to prepare this lunch?

  1. Sardine made into a file. At first of all, cut them off, his head. Then shred transversely in half. Remove the central bone and wash them. Then dry them on kitchen towel or napkin.
    2. Tomato and lemon wash then cut into thin slices. Thinner rings are easier to bake and will not let the tomato juice.
    3. In a greased ovenproof dish. Bet red fillets of sardines. Then, sprinkle them a mixture of spices. From above, place the device, tomato slices. Over tomatoes, put lemon slices. Then all again. Row sardine, row rings of tomato, row rings of lemon. Seems like the cake. On the last row put sardines.
    4. Special merge: finely chopped parsley and garlic with olive oil and vegetable soup. Add spices to taste and taste and mix well.
    5. Over the last layer of pilchard, pour the prepared mixture. Cover with foil for baking. Put in the oven to bake. Bake that about  40 minutes at 200 degrees.


The oven had previously warmed. 

6. Therefore, after 40 minutes, put the foil. Container comes back in the oven to become brown. To evaporate excess liquid Sardine & Lemon?

A pilchard, or sardine, is a small, oily fish related to the herring, family Clupeidae. The terms “sardine” and “pilchard” are not precise, and what is meant depends on the region.

Especially relevant, is the fact that the Lemon juice is good for salad dressing. Also adds a tantalizing piquancy when sprinkled over fish. And the just the yellow part, as the white part is bitter – is a lovely addition to many recipes. Therefore, whatever the use, wash lemons thoroughly beforehand.


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