Men – look through the keyhole !

Phrases that men can’t resist, mostly are….

There are certain phrases that men can’t resist. Use them at their first meeting.

  1. “That’s so sweet funny!”. When trying to impress you, the guy fires a sale to reduce the tension and see yourself as an interesting person. If you tell him that you like his sense of humor. He will be abandoned. It will mean more to him than to laugh. Laughter is a natural need. But when he does and say that, he will realize that your giggling is honestly.
  2. “Let go to the Chinese food tonight!” Men like girls who are ready to take the first step. When it asks you what you want to do, do not know the answer to. Suggest something to him what will him make a happy. Concerned about his proposal not like it? In that case, give a few options, but let him choose one.

The other are :

  1. “I’m so comfortable with you!” When you feel that you are on the same side of the body length, tell him to. Men do not see the signals they send. They are not sure what you think about them. Tell him that and you’ll raise their self-esteem. Will start to grow and a sense of closeness between you.
  2. His secret – read between the lines
    If he says “I can not talk about it.”
    It really means “I do not want to discuss it – never.”
    It happens that 19% of men, crossed the girl when on Facebook see some negative things about her.
  3. Why disappear without a trace?
    When the man for a while, “evaporated”, the reasons for this could be many. Rarely he will stuck at work. The most common case – is seeing another woman, because I do not want to miss the opportunity. If you call you tomorrow, means that this second option has failed. On the other hand, perhaps even the likes. But he’s afraid of commitment. He will call you to be in touch with you.

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