Hot Meat Salad With Chicken Meat

Hot Salad as a meal – a low carb

Salad with chicken meat and vegetables, but hot salad

hot salad

4 persons, necessary ingredients are:

800 grams of white chicken meat, 500 grams of broccoli, 300 grams cherry tomatoes, 1 hot pepper, fresh parsley, 4 tablespoons olive oil, salt, pepper.

The process of preparing this meal:

  1. Broccoli thoroughly washed. Remove top sheets (damaged). Less leaves left whole, larger sections in half.
  2. Chicken white meat salted. Put the frying pan for grilling, without fat, short, to make it juicy. Roasted meat ,put in a saucepan and cover it. To keep warm until you bake all meat.
  3. In a deep frying pan get warm 4 tablespoons oil. When the oil is warm, add cleaned sprouts. Hang up the pan. Cook for 10 minutes. Occasionally shake pan, to Brussels sprouts doesn’t stick and caramelize.
  4. Roast chicken chop the meat into strips. Add the meat to the pan with the broccoli. Add salt and pepper. All Shuffle. In the end, add cherry tomatoes and hot peppers. Shuffle. When serving, add fresh parsley.

This meat salad, rather is served warm. It can also be a main meal if you are not much hungry. Also It’s  a perfect for a leisurely dinner.


Cayenne pepper stimulates weight loss. Therefore capsaicin from hot peppers, seems like influences a good mood. It causes a feeling of satisfaction because they stimulate the secretion of endorphins, substances that protect the body from pain. Regular use of red hot pepper, reduce hunger pains helps in weight loss.

Finally, healing effects of hot peppers:

Reduce the number of platelets, regenerate damaged nerves in patients with diabetes (diabetic neuropathy),improve circulation, melt cellulite, reduce pain after surgery with herpes zoster.

In many nations, hot pepper is recommended as an excellent aphrodisiac, because it raises the mood and passion, and is also considered to be excellent and to prevent baldness.


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