Health in a bottle which has a lot of benefits for your body!

Domestic tomato juice

There is no person who does not like the tomato salad. We can eat tomato like a lettuce. We can make domestic tomato juice. Domestic tomato juice is very healing. And his healing has been proven in many cases.

For what is good tomato juice?

If you know that tomato juice is extremely rich with Lycopene. He is an excellent protection against various diseases. He is good especially for atherosclerosis and heart attack.  Have a positive effect on health in general,too. Therefore it is quite clear, why its proven healing and why it’s necessary to drink it. Tomato have a high concentration of vitamins B, C, and K. As well as mineral salts of potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium. Also have a considerable level of iron.

What are the results of research ?

According to previous research, tomato juice is an excellent means of cleansing the body. And it restores strength and invigorates the body. Tomatoes and tomato juice protects the body from premature aging. It’s good in the prevention of diseases of the urinary tract, lung diseases. It is good and for cough.

Tomato juice is  recommended for :

  1. People with diabetes and heart disease patients.
  2. Cardiac patients should not drink it because of high levels of potassium. And with that its reduces the possibility of deposition of bad cholesterol in the blood vessels.
  3. Therefore, people with diabetes should drink tomato juice.  Because he facilitates the work of the pancreas and improves it . Encourages the formation of red blood cells.

Additionally, tomato juice have a  positive effect on the liver and gall bladder, as well as anemia. He accelerates the work of the whole organism.

domestic tomato

The organic tomato juice also is using as a drug. It is necessary, every day to drink at least one glass of 2 deciliter of juice. Preferably freshly squeezed.

Fresh tomatoes, and homemade tomato sauce, first of all is  useful for the organism. Because its proven healing properties.

There are many ways to make tomato juice. In continuation in our text you can read the recipe. This recipe is one of the many ways how to prepare tomato juice. With this, it is a preparation of juice without preservatives. Therefore it is a completely natural way.


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