Iodine-important for the normal functioning of the body

Iodine is a trace element. It is important for the normal performance of many functions in the body.  It is not required in large quantities in order to properly perform this function. This mineral is an important mineral so that it adds table salt to provide the necessary quantity.


As a trace element, this mineral 75% ends up in the thyroid gland. It is an integral part of two important hormones of this gland.

  • For each part of the body of these hormones are essential. The most important thing is that these hormones regulate energy production. These hormones control and regulate the basic metabolic processes. In other words, they determine how quickly and how effectively the body would not be able to burn calories.
  • Thyroid hormones help control the mental development and overall growth in children. Pregnant women who do not take sufficient amounts of iodine will have a problem. Increases the risk that a child is born with some degree of mental retardation.

If you’ve ever cut down like a little, your parents have you put iodine on this site. This is because the iodine antiseptic. In addition to clean and treat the skin on will change the color of the skin.

When mucus accumulates in the lungs this mineral will help to expel mucus in minor.

People who are hypersensitive to iodine may have skin problems. Problems such as rash or inflammation of the mucous membrane. It can cause a fever and swollen neck.

Sources of iodine

It is generally added table salt so people generally get the necessary amounts of this mineral. This mineral is also present in seafood. Fruits and Vegetables from the coastal areas are also a good source of them.

The recommended daily intake for adults is 150 milligrams per day. For pregnant women and nursing mothers is recommending, between 160 and 200 milligrams per day.

Symptoms of iodine deficiency

How he plays an essential role in the production of energy. Most often we meet with symptoms that include lethargy, impaired reflexes and poor metabolism. The skin becomes dry and can develop hoarseness. The amount of fat in the blood increases. That it is also one of the symptoms that occur due to iodine deficiency. If iodine deficiency is present for a longer period of time it may be that the thyroid gland enlarges. The increase in thyroid also called goiter. This condition develops because the thyroid ice under greater pressure to produce adequate hormone levels. Magnification is usually observed on the neck. In children, iodine deficiency can cause mental disorders. Hardly occurs a  deficiency.


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