Chocolate, which speeds up metabolism!

Healthy candy with chocolate. Dessert for people who can not do without sweets. People who enjoy the charms of black bitter chocolate.

Chocolate, which speeds up metabolism

In fact, chocolate with pomegranate, cayenne pepper and fresh ginger. Now you know how to create one.

At first of all, how to clean a pomegranate.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Cut by shallow, on the site where his pigtail, circle
  • Remove the cap and make the hand fingernail or knife white “heart” of the mid
  • In places where the compound, slices, sliced lengthwise, shallow again, from top to bottom
  • Open it at those places, like oranges, remove the white membrane and just take out the fetus.

How speeds up the metabolism?

Suppose that the job you do cayenne chili pepper and ginger. Pomegranate will only help to peel off from happiness. Therefore, dark chocolate to enter a antioxidants. In this case, it have a  75% of cocoa share, it could even be stronger that I had.

Necessary ingredients for this fantastic blend of flavors , are:

Pomegranate, dark chocolate, ginger (fresh grated), cayenne pepper.



  • At first of all clean the pomegranate,
  • Than, melt 100 g chocolate,
  • In the melted choc, insert fresh grated ginger and sprinkle with pepper. Therefore, mix it,
  • Then, put this mixture on baking paper. Through the mixture, place related pomegranate,
  • Leave cake to cool !

Watch that you do not eat it all at once because is heavenly!


Chocolate: delight and healing
Consuming only 22 grams of cocoa powder and 16 grams of dark chocolate a day significantly reduces the deposition of bad cholesterol in the walls of blood vessels and relieves the symptoms of chronic fatigue. She is better if there is more cocoa mass. It is very effective for raising a good mood, and encourages the creation of serotonin in the body.
After its consumption in the body is released and endorphins. Endorphin is a hormone that such internal opiates has natural antidepressant effect.
In addition to the many beneficial ingredients, it contains respectable amounts of theobromine. It regulates blood pressure, relaxes the blood vessels of the heart and thus ensures a good nutrition blood.


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