Molybdenum is a component which enters into the composition of the enzyme

If you do not know what is molybdenum, definitely not the only one. It is one of the trace elements. And although the body stores this mineral in most tissues in the body. Stores it in the brain, spleen, lungs, kidneys, bones and skin. The total level in the body is not significant.

Molybdenum is a component which enters into the composition of the enzyme.

It helps break apart the sulfinyl toxins. Which build up inside the body. This is the reason beliefs that it have antioxidant characteristics. Certain foods and medicines, and even food rich in protein, also contains sulfide. When the body is unable to sever ties with Sulfinyl, it can initiate allergic reactions.
Like many other minerals, molybdenum regulate a fat metabolism, carbohydrates, copper and nitrogen. It also makes up part of the enzymes. Enzymes are responsible for the metabolism of purines and sulfur. In fact, it is necessary to synthesize various enzymes.

What about cells?

Therefore, a cells need this element in order to function properly. In addition, this mineral helping to our body in fight with substances that are associated with cancer development. Molybdenum helps to keep a person alert. It appears that impotence becomes a problem. It playing a key role in maintaining blood sugar levels in balance. And finally, it is believed that it helps to fight against tooth decay. In the gastrointestinal tract is readily absorbed and eliminated via the kidneys.

Sources of molybdenum

Beans, dark green leafy vegetables and peas are the good sources. Therefore, a rice, grains, yeast, liver and kidneys are good source too. Milk with less fat, hard water (hard means it contains a lot of minerals) are very good sources too.
This mineral don’t have a recommended dose. It is rare . However, adults people need- about 75 and 250 micro grams of this mineral per day.

Symptoms of molybdenum

Lack of molybdenum is rare. Only if you eat foods which grew on land that is extremely poor in this mineral. However, this type of lack of, if it happens, leads to serious problems. Problems such as irritability and irregular heartbeat. A deficiency can cause a decrease in the amount of urine in the body. That can decrease the oxidation of fatty acids. Fatigue is another symptom as are problems associated with the mouth, gums and vision. In men, another symptom includes impotence. A deficiency can cause a cancer. And because that molybdenum is necessary to drop the level of sulphite in the body. Lack of undesired substances, causing undesirable consequences.


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