Zucchini From The Oven! Healthy & Low Caloric Meal!

Super fine zucchini baked in the oven. The inspiration for this recipe comes from my friend, and its fine recipe with zucchini and oatmeal. I’ve called this meal Baked zucchini in the form of a pizza. Since I’m back on some kind of diet while avoiding oil and empty carbohydrates, I’ve modified the recipe a bit to be low carb 🙂 In any case, they are excellent!


Ingredients for two people:

In the this pizza does not go much ingredients. It is very simple and easy to store. It is also suitable for vegetarians. Therefore, you just need a :

3 zucchini, 1/2 onion, 2 egg whites, 3 tablespoons finely chopped parsley, a few drops of oil (to bake), salt, pepper.

Preparation of baked zucchini is:

Due to the current diet, I threw the frying oil and flour, reduce the amount of eggs and add a little tomato.

It is possible to add different grated vegetables, what you currently have in the fridge. Therefore, choose vegetables that do not contain or have little carbohydrates.

I used 3 zucchini, are quite small, around 17 centimeters long and 4 cents a meter in diameter. That was enough for a small, round pan of about 20 cm in diameter.

Grate zucchini

To grated zucchini add salt and let them stand for 10 minutes. Drain them the water will then be subtly squeeze with your hands and drain all the liquid.

Add the egg whites of eggs, parsley, pepper and onion and stir well and leave to rest for 10 minutes.

Add a few drops of oil in a pan for roasting and coated with paper napkin.

Refilled mixture and garnish with chopped tomatoes. Then add a little salt over the tomatoes.

Finally. put to bake at 180 C for about 20 minutes. Tomatoes should “fade”.

Therefore, i hope that you like it. I’m thrilled it tastes this simple pizza.



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