Losing weight with the help of a horoscope

Read the proper nutrition for all 12 sign of the zodiac.  Astrologers believe that the body of each character different functions. Therefore to each sign are recommended foods that best fits his character. Find a description concerning your character and watch with satisfaction how easily you lose weight .


Aries proper nutrition

Given the amount of positive energy that they carry within, Aries is not hard to throw as much as today on a diet for the sake of their own well-being. There is no waiting Monday, the first of the month or to coincide clockwise to start implementing their own ideas. However, if in a few days (which is mostly impossible) do not notice that their clothing is already tight. Immediately give up. Their grief, they treat their “standard” meals. To take the shortest possible time losing weight that will not be so easy to return.  Aries should adhere to fish, seafood and seasonal fruits and vegetables. And in order to solve the excess negative energy and fat at the same time, exercise is always a warm recommendation.


Taurus proper nutrition

Unlike Aries, Taurus is very patient. Although it takes a long time to decide to start a diet. But once they start, do not stop until they achieve the desired results. Bulls are great gourmets, a special pleasure to represent them sweets in various forms of weight loss. Unfortunately, they are the biggest culprits for overweight. A healthier substitute for sweets is fruit. It should also to those in the daily diet, have a vegetable, either cooked or fresh. The Grains are also excellent allies in losing weight, and is therefore yogurt with muesli recommendations for a healthy start to the day which will leave negative consequences for the figure.


Gemini proper nutrition

Uh, you’re undisciplined twins! Constantly they would be up against something! And although nutritionists constantly insist on five smaller meals a day, they do not stop to avoid breakfast, and for dinner eating the whole chocolate bar. The coffee hangs out wherever they go. Even though they know that it is better to replace it with green tea. Well, Twins, enough jokes! Eat smaller, more frequent, and this: the more fresh fruits and vegetables and natural freshly squeezed juices that have a beneficial effect on metabolism.


Cancer proper nutrition

There is no sign that enjoys food as it does Crab! Meals are not routine for them, they surrender to it with love. Given that they are very sensitive is easy to get annoyed and feel sad, and therefore they tend to overeat on these occasions. They Extermination of everything from the refrigerator, although they stomach is full of long ago. This, however, should be avoided as much as possible. Crabs are recommended seafood and freshly squeezed juices. And it should give up, not only because of the weight, but also for health, all four so-called white death and they are white flour, salt, sugar and fat.


Leo proper nutrition

Lions are true gourmets who, to their great fortune, weight loss is not a problem. They generally have a great, fast metabolism due to which the eaten food does not stick as easily to them. How would they maintain target weight and how over the years, would not gained weight, it is necessary to deal with some sport. It is highly recommended vegetables are rich in iron, and calcium. It has in milk and dairy products.

Proper nutrition


Virgo proper nutrition

Virgo are very sensitive, as emotionally, and physically. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid strong, too spicy foods, and turned to cereals, cooked vegetables and fresh fruits. As for physical activities, even here we should not exaggerate: daily 45 minutes walk is the recommendation of the majority of astrologers.


Libra proper nutrition

Libra are hard to give up sweets, coffee and juice. Occasionally they know to  forget themselves. Especially when drinking alcohol, mostly wine. Astrologers recommend them to purchase replacement with squeezed juices, natural juices. Instead of alcohol they drink as much water per day. As far as food is concerned, they are warmly recommended a fruit, astrologers say they are most comfortable with apples and berries, followed by vegetables, and fish and seafood.


Scorpio proper nutrition

Because the extra pound for Scorpio is recommended a hundred smaller meals a day. That is  better for them! They should avoid fast foods and turn to fruits and vegetables in all possible forms.


Sagittarius proper nutrition

Since Sagittarius is very fiery, no wonder, they know that exaggerate the meal. Therefore, enjoyment of food often causes the displacement of the pointer on the scale, and the worse for them. For Sagittarius is recommending a  fish, chicken, beef, fruits and vegetables and large quantities of water.  The Exercise is also a great ally that will help you except kilograms disappear and nervousness which tend goals.


Capricorn proper nutrition

Capricorns have an excellent metabolism that would make many signs of envy. However, since they like to eat, they should adhere to poultry and beef, salad of fresh vegetables and fruit. In addition to these foods are healthy, they will help to prevent the goat overweight usually followed with age on signs that the youth do not have that kind of problem.

Aquarius proper nutrition

Aquarius are constantly occupied some physical activities, so that generally have no problem with being overweight. Their diet is basing on fish, fruits, vegetables and nuts.


Pisces proper nutrition

Pisces are, in terms of nutrition, a combination of Cancer and Virgo. They love to eat, enjoy the food, but are also very sensitive. In addition to being very emotional, have a very sensitive stomach. Therefore they requires exquisite food and inhibiting Fish to enjoy everything you love to eat. For the fish is good food rich in zinc and iron. That is eggs, cereals, beans, oysters, and fruit are the grapes, prunes, peaches and umbrella.


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