A Simple GI Diet – Diet That Breaks Down Sugar Level

Demolition sugar diet (GI Diet).If you have a problem with excess weight, which is particularly “reflected” on your stomach and you can’t live without sweets, and when you skip a meal – shaking like a leaf – then this diet an excellent choice for your weight and your health.

In this diet plan is no need to count how many calories you entered, it is essential that you diet includes the right kinds of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. In addition, it is important to give up sugar and flour. This diet plan includes foods with low glycemic index (GI), which stabilizes blood sugar. Foods with a high GI are white bread, white rice, potatoes, white flour and white sugar.

What you should eat and what you should not eat in GI diet?

No large groups of foods that are forbidden, it is only to avoid foods with a high GI.

Fruits and vegetables

  • You can eat mainly fruits and vegetables, other than fruits such as watermelon and pineapple.


  • Bread and macaroni, whole grains, brown rice and oatmeal. You can eat those.


  • You can eat low fat dairy products such as milk, cheese or yogurt, then the eggs, nuts, fish and shellfish, pork and beef.


  • You can take a moderate amount of alcohol, for example, a glass of wine is good for the heart and circulatory system.


  •  Column sugar we have already mentioned that everything is forbidden, but there are a couple of foods that can be sometimes sweetened. For example, ice cream without sugar can replace cakes and pastries.

Prohibited foods

  • You’ll have to throw the potatoes, white rice, white bread, white flour, corn, beets, soft drinks, sweets, biscuits and pure sugar.

How is demanding?

This GI diet is by the complexity and time that you will have to spend in the middle of the scale when compared to other children. It does not matter to count calories, but you need to focus on serving size.


  • While not familiar with the exact list of foods that you should not consume. Therefore the best would be that the kitchen you have a list of what you can cook and eat.

Cooking and shopping

  • You have a lot of recipes in various chefs  how to prepare food without the high GI. A simple meals are fried fish or chicken, sandwich of whole meal bread. Which you will throw vegetables and low-fat cheese.


  • Regular training is is going well with this diet. Because it will speed up the whole program and makes it easier to get to the desired weight.

Is it possible to adapt to other ways of feeding?

Vegetarians or vegans – If you avoid animal products, this diet is not for you. For best results, it is necessary to intake of animal protein.

Fat-free diet! The basis of the diet is that less fat entering. Therefore it’s hard to fit in with this diet. Most of these foods in the diet is full with sugar. GI Diet-smasher sugar requires 30% -40% of calories from fats, or fat should come from low-fat milk or low fat meat.

Diet without salt – You can try this diet while you are on a diet without salt. Too much salt can be bad for your heart.  Processed foods are full of salt. Say NO to salt. Try not to add salt while cooking or frying.

Demolition of sugar (GI diet) is one nutrition program. Program which will hold weight or lose weight, but that does not count daily caloric intake. People who want to purify your body to reduce the intake of sweets may also occasionally use this diet plan. This diet is not ideal for those who exercise regularly, because they need more calories during the day.


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