10 Amazing Use Of Vinegar

In addition to being cheap, which without it you can’t spice up a salad, vinegar can also serve as a cleaning agent. But what is still in use vinegar?

Vinegar - Our Ally In The Kitchen! 10 Amazing Use Of Vinegar!

Hair Conditioner

Mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, pour into a clean bottle that has a spray, and spray the hair while it is still wet. Rub briefly and let it act for two minutes and rinse hair.

Refresh your clothes

Shirts you wore during exercise, to absorb sweat, and after washing can have an unpleasant odor. Reinsert them into the Machine and add a cup of white vinegar (if you put half a cup of baking the barrier at the front of the machine). Let one wash washing machine at the temperature of usually wash, then repeat washing, or add half a cup of baking soda instead of it.

vinegar acid

Refresh lettuce with vinegar

Lettuce, which began to fade, you can revive if the dip into a bowl in which you put the water and this acetic acid and so hold for 10 minutes.

Against ants

Spring and summer often bring an invasion of ants. Talk vinegar and water directly into the cracks from which emerge.

acetic acid

For washing Venetian 

Mix it and water, put a hand on a clean white sock or stocking and dip its peak in the solution, wring a little time and wash blinds.

To clean the sink drain

If you clog the sink, pour a bag of baking soda and rinse the vinegar. Leave for five minutes to work, and then let the hot water.

Absorbs all smells 

Pour the vinegar into a small bowl and leave to stand overnight in the kitchen.

Absorbs all smells from cooking, and even those more powerful. For example, smell from frying fish.

When bites Jellyfish 

When you get bit by a jellyfish, although most of them are not dangerous, it can be very painful. To reduce the pain, fill a bucket or basin of vinegar and soak the injured area for 15 to 30 minutes. But if you are allergic to jellyfish prey, you should see a doctor.

Vinegar for High shine of crystal glass 

Dip the glasses washed in a solution that you made from one part this acetic acid, three parts hot water and a drop or two detergents courts. Rinse them with warm water and pat dry with a clean cloth microfiber.

In order not to dye clothes

New, more colorful piece of unwashed clothes soak in a solution which is half water, half vinegar.  Therefore, let stand for 20 minutes. Then put it in the wash with other colorful clothing. In addition, it prevents both, it helps to fight for its own sake. But it works only on the clothes of cotton.