Beef With Vegetables The Right Choice For A Nutritious Lunch!

Beef with vegetables the right choice for a nutritious lunch!

If we want to prepare well for the winter and avoid viruses and colds, we need to consume enough vegetables, especially those rich in vitamins. Broccoli is one of super foods that you should eat more often, but here’s a proposal for a tasty meal that is easy and quick to prepare.

Beef with vegetables. Very nutritious and healthy meal!


300 grams of beef from the leg

200 grams of yellow bell pepper

200 grams of red bell pepper

300 grams of broccoli

4 tablespoons oil

4 tablespoons hot sauce

Preparation for beef with vegetables:

Beef cut into strips and cover with 2 tablespoons hot sauce. Sauce is quite salty, so it is not necessary to add salt to this meal. Allow meat to marinate for about 20 minutes, during which time the peppers cut into strips and broccoli flowered. Broccoli briefly blanch in boiling water. Then rinse with cold water in order to stay crispy. Lubricate the pan, so grill especially meat and especially pepper. All the ingredients mix in the pan, so it cook them with the remaining sauce. The dish can be served with a side dish (I suggest quinoa), but it is enough to serve him without attachments. The dish is eaten warm, but believe that it is very tasty and when cooled. Pleasant 🙂.


Although the meat is classified as red meat, preparing meals lean beef or with vegetables, obtained nutritionally highly valuable and very useful for health food.
Good beef meat needs to be aged 4-5 weeks whereby a complete maturity and development of muscle fat. However, in practice, most beef and beef recovery period of 5-6 days at a constant temperature of -2 ° C.

Energy value

Energy value of 100 g raw beef and beef is 246 kcal / 1029 k J. Of these, 20% protein and 18% fat.
This meat  is an excellent source of selenium (21.4 mg which makes 47.5% RDA) of zinc (3.5 mg, which makes 23% RDA), phosphorus (177 mg, which makes 22% RDA), a good source iron (1.4 mg, which makes 10% RDA). In smaller amounts the meat contains calcium (25 mg) and magnesium (20 mg).
Since vitamin emphasize the vitamins B complex. This meat is an excellent source of- B 12 (1.1 mg in 100% RDA) of niacin – B 3 (6.4 mg, which makes 46% RDA),  – B 6 (0.5 mg which makes 25% RDA) From other vitamins contains pantothenic acid (0.6 mg, which is 10% RDA), riboflavin – B 2 (0.08 mg) and  – B 1 (0.05 mg).


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