A Lot of French Fries/Chips Can Kill You!

A lot of French fries can kill! People who eat it several times a week are in double danger

The results of recent research have found a link between fries and a greater risk of death. The study showed that people who eat fried potatoes more than twice a week are at a twice higher risk of life than people who do not consume potatoes. Although this study does not prove that potatoes are directly killing people. It simply shows the connection between people who have died and their eating habits.

Researches about French fries and its influence on health

The researchers examined the habits of 4,440 people aged between 45 and 79 in eight years. 236 study participants died after completion of the study. These were people who ate fried potatoes at least twice a week.

Nutritionist Jessica Cording told “Yahoo” was not surprised by these results. Fried potatoes are foods that provide a lot of calories, salts, trans fatty acids, and minimally contribute to the nutrients it owns. They make the body more harm than benefit

She says that it’s important what else person eat next to the potatoes. For example, a few potato salad will lead to different health effects as opposed to 200 grams of bamboo French fries.


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