The 6 Positive Effects when You Sleep On The Left Side

According to the ancient holistic approach to health and medicine, it is best to sleep on the left. We reveal the six key factors why it is better to sleep on this side.

6 positive effects of sleep on the left side

It is good for the heart

  • When we lie on the left side, blood circulation will accelerate. Gravitation facilitates lymph drainage to the heart and blood flow from the heart.

It helps to get rid of stomach acid

  • If you lie on the left side, there is a lower likelihood of reflux. On the contrary, on the left side, symptoms are reduced.

It speeds up the digestive system

  • When you laying on the left side, this makes it easier for the food to travel from the stomach to the bowel. In the morning you will almost certainly need to go to the toilet, which is very healthy.

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Helps with back pain

  • Sleep on the left is ideal for people with chronic back problems. Sleeping on the left side reduces the pressure on the spinal column and, therefore, reduces back pain.

Soothing for pregnant women

  • As sleep on the left side promotes blood circulation, as already mentioned, the pressure on the back of the back is reduced and the pressure on the liver is suppressed in the bowel.

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